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Dear Colleague

Volume 2, Number 1 (dated March 2001)  of:

Asian Ethnicity a journal from Carfax Publishing, part of the Taylor & Francis Group

is now available online via the Catchword service, and contains the following articles:

 Contributors 5 - 6

 Editor's Introduction 7 - 8
Colin Mackerras

 'Making the Oil Fragrant' : Dealings with the Supernatural among the Uyghurs in
Xinjiang 9 - 23
I. Bellér-Hann

 On Being Muonged 25 - 34
K. W. Taylor

 Changing Scenarios of Tamilian Culture: Some Thoughts on the Cultural Dimensions of
the Ethnic War in Sri Lanka 35 - 54
V. Nithi Nithiyanandam

 Ethnic Classification and Culture: The Case of the Tujia in Hubei, China 55 - 72
Melissa J. Brown

 Ethnicity as Policy Expedience: Clan Confucianism in Ethnic Tujia-Miao Yongshun 73 -
Chih-Yu Shih

 Beyond the Museum Complex: Minority Culture and History at the Mountain Patterns
Exhibition 89 - 96
Ralph A. Litzinger

 Celebrating Mountain Patterns 96 - 100
Stevan Harrell

 Collecting Mountain Patterns 100 - 104
Ma Erzi

 Conceptualising Mountain Patterns 104 - 113
Bamo Qubumo

 Out of Asia: Hmong Lives in Diaspora 113 - 117
Louisa Schein

 Book Reviews 119 - 133

 Readers' Opinions 133 - 135
Ishtiaq Ahmed


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