Chrysler workers strike in Brazil

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Fri Feb 2 14:48:49 MST 2001

Chrysler Workers Strike in Brazil

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Shocked by DaimlerChrysler's announcement on January 29 of its "turnaround
plan" for the Chrysler division, with job losses of 26,000 over the next
three years       and the closure of six plants, the Metalworkers’
Union of Paraná State
took strike action on January 31 at the Chrysler plant in Campo Largo. The
    union is a member of the national federation of metalworkers,
    Sindical, which is affiliated at international level to the IMF. Workers,
protesting against the company's intention to close the Campo Largo unit,
demonstrated in front of the plant gate and then marched to the city center.
With the closure of this plant, 250 workers will be laid off, and another 150
workers will lose their jobs in related supplier companies.  The president of
Força Sindical, Paulo Pereira da Silva, warned in a statement to the press
that "we cannot allow this type of       abuse. The company received several
types of incentives to install itself in this country, and now, from one hour
to the next, it has decided to go away. This is not acceptable."  According
to DaimlerChrysler's officially announced restructuring plan for the Chrysler
Group, "the Campo Largo (Paraná, Brazil) assembly plant will discontinue
production and be idled; an evaluation will be made on any future production
possibility at that facility."

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