Socialism or barbarism

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Fri Feb 2 16:21:43 MST 2001

Porto Alegre, January 30 (RHC)--

Cuban Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon has proclaimed that the future
will be socialist or there simply will be no future. Alarcon spoke before a
crowd of thousands of delegates to the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre,
Brazil over the weekend. The leader of the Cuban Parliament affirmed that
Cuba would continue to work for a globalization of solidarity and human
values. And Ricardo Alarcon stated that Havana will use every opportunity in
international forums to denounce the lies of neo-liberal economic theories.

Calling neo-liberal globalization the imposition of Washington's economic
theories on the rest of the world, the Cuban Parliament president said that
U.S. imperialism is trying to take over the economies of all nations.
Alarcon characterized neo-liberalism as the beginning of the end of
representative democracy, stating that the wealthy only see consumers and
not citizens. The head of Cuba's Parliament noted that in countries
dominated by neo-liberal economics, political participation is at an all
time low. He said that people don't elect their so-called representatives in
those countries, only money does. Speaking at the World Social Forum in
Porto Alegre, Brazil, Ricardo Alarcon also mentioned the sad situation of
millions of immigrants, legal or undocumented, who are forced to search for
better economic opportunities in the wealthy, industrialized countries. And
he warned of an increase in human trafficking, especially of women and

Concerning the planet's future, the president of Cuba's Parliament told
delegates that a new world order must and will be socialist. Alarcon said
that civilization itself would disappear if we are unable to overthrow the
empire and open the way toward more humane and sustainable development
models. He predicted that the socialism of the future will be diverse and
multicolored, and not come from the imposition of dogmatic theories. And
Ricardo Alarcon concluded by saying that "socialism is the perfection of
democracy and the realization of humanity's dreams".

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