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>From the ABC (http://www.abc.net.au):

Downer plays down Wahid troubles

The Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, has downplayed the political
troubles faced by Indonesia's President Wahid, saying that the Indonesian
leader is likely to remain in charge in Jakarta for some time to come.

Mr Downer, who is on a visit to Europe, says he does not think it is
inevitable that there will be impeachment proceedings against President
Wahid which would lead to his overthrow.

The Minister has also reiterated Australia's support for Indonesia's
territorial integrity.

Mr Downer has warned that if foreign governments were to support any of
Indonesia's numerous secessionist movements, then a lot of people could be


Indonesia says it will solve turmoil democratically

Indonesia's Trade Minister and Industry Minister Luhut Panjaitan has told
the United States his country will use democratic and constitutional means
to work through its political turmoil.

He was speaking to US Secretary of State Colin Powell in Washington.

Their meeting came as Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid rejected calls
for his resignation after he was censured by parliament over financial

The talks focused on the "current situation in Indonesia and how Indonesia
would work through a democratic and constitutional process.

Some of the ethnic, territorial and political conflicts raging in Indonesia
were also on the agenda and the minister stressed "the importance of
dialogue" in solving them.

(13:55:40 AEST)

Former Suharto crony jailed by Indonesian court

An Indonesian court has sentenced multi-millionaire Muhamad "Bob" Hasan, a
key business partner of disgraced former president Suharto, to two years
imprisonment on two separate corruption charges.

It was the first guilty verdict handed down to a Suharto crony since the
former dictator fell from power in May of 1998.

Central Jakarta district court presiding judge Subardi said the bench in a
unanimous decision found the 70-year-old Hasan guilty of of causing losses
to the state of 244 million dollars through a fraudulent aerial mapping
survey awarded 11 years ago.

He was also found guilty by the court of having misappropriated 168 million
dollars in forestry association funds.

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