Fast Food- Where did it go?

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Sat Feb 3 06:24:56 MST 2001

Yet another look at the US 'Fast Food' industry (developed by the oil,
auto, and chemical companies under a wave of 'scientific advance') shows
that in fact, the US has made an environment impossible for traditional
fast food to thrive in.      The American version of 'fast food' is
based on the car, uniform processed food substances, and throwaway
utensils.     It is based on 30 minute lunches, not 2-3 hour lunch

Traditional 'fast food' is dependent on street stands, and street
vendors..... for pedestrian traffic.      This is all banned throughout
the US as being unsanitary and a health hazard!     In most locales,
it's hard to get the permit to sell hotdogs, let alone other varieties
of 'fast food'.

Absent from the streets ot the USA, are vendors of drinks made from
fresh fruits.      Sandwiches must be bought from a car window.     And
the only vegetable usually to be found, is the fried potato.      ...The
pre-frozen, transported from afar, fried potato.

In the super-markets, 'science' has given us the only culture in the
world where the poor are forced to eat meat, because they cannot afford
to buy vegetables!      Chicken is 0.29 a pound, while dried beans are
0.99.     Lettuce is 1.49.     Fruit at 1.99, and of bad quality since
picked while green.

The symbol of food processing progress was once the can, now it is the
microwave.      But it takes a certain kind of 'food' to be so
'scientifically' cooked!

Funny, as I write this, both me and my daughter have been suffering from
yet another round of stomach crampin.from this 'safer' food technology.
This better living through chemistry can be very dangerous to the

Along with this absent traditional food, is the absent cultural
community of fellow eaters.     Instead, a meal might probably be knawed
away at, in the sanctity of one's own personal transport.... stalled
briefly in a parking lot, or at the side of a road.     Kind of like a
hungry animal thrown a piece of garbage.

Asi es la vida loca.

Tony Abdo

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