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Sun Feb 4 03:41:56 MST 2001

I once attended a lecture by the then director Gael Linn back the 1962 or
thereabouts about the connection of the protestant religions with
Irish.  Once upon a time there were many such connexions.  Casement's great
friend whose name to my shame escapes me ( Alice Millington?) is  buried in
my home town and her tombstone is in Gaelic. It says "Ni rabh aon gradh ach
Eireann".  (She had only one love and that was Ireland). Apparently it was
vandalised recently.  Douglas Hyde another noted Irish Scholar was
Protestant too I think.  And of course the ancient harper music of Ireland
was rescued from oblivion by scholars of the Presybeterian Enlightenment.

Life is indeed more complicated!



At 09:23  4/02/01 +0800, you wrote:
>Ted Crawford of the inbdependent British Marxist magazines 'New
>Interventions' and 'Revolutionary History', asked me to post this:
> > I was watching an Orange March in 1971 or 72, I  forget the exact year
> >with some people from Peoples Democracy. I rather think it  was in the
> >Falls Rd - it was certainly a Catholiv area. But I have a vivid  memory of
> >one Orange Lodge that carried banners in Gaelic!!! I rather think the
> >banners were in the Latin script and so I now assume that it was probably
> >a  Lodge from Canada, Nova Scotia perhaps. The silent crowds burst into
> >applause!!!  But then both traditions would often now deny such an event
> >ever took place but  I saw ir with my own eyes. Life is often more
> >complicated than bigots aver.   Ted Crawford
>"Don't Dream It - Extreme It" (Lana Coc Kroft)

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