Fwd (GLW): Enthusiastic response to Socialist Alliance proposal

Alan Bradley alanb at SPAMelf.brisnet.org.au
Sun Feb 4 07:11:34 MST 2001

The following article appears in the current issue of Green Left Weekly

Enthusiastic response to Socialist Alliance proposal

The Democratic Socialist Party's appeal for a socialist electoral alliance
to stand common candidates in the next federal elections has met with an
enthusiastic response from the activist left.

So far the International Socialist Organisation, the Freedom Socialist
Party, Socialist Democracy, Workers Liberty and the Victorian Progressive
Labour Party have indicated their interest in discussing the formation of a
Socialist Alliance. Socialist Alternative and the Socialist Party (formerly
Militant) are considering their response at meetings over the next few
days. Other left parties invited, including the Communist Party of
Australia and the Progressive Labour Party of NSW have yet to respond.

An initial meeting on February 1 between representatives of the two biggest
socialist parties, the DSP and the ISO, revealed considerable agreement
about the possible platform, structure and formation process of a Socialist
Alliance. These two parties also recognised that because of their combined
weight in the organised left, a cooperative and collaborative approach on
their part was essential if an alliance was to be effective.

If the rough consensus reached at this meeting is ratified by the
leaderships of these two groups, then a meeting of all interested left
organisations will be called to discuss forming the alliance. If there is
sufficient agreement in the left, large public meetings in the major cities
soon could launch the Socialist Alliance. Contact the DSP at dsp at dsp.org.au
or visit  http://www.dsp.org.au.

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