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I thought Phillip's points about the Luxemburg/lenin debate were
interesting. A few comments...

Phillip argues that the position of Marxists in/from an oppressed nation can
be different from that of Marxists in/from the oppressor nation. Yes, I
agree...however this was not necessarily the case in the debates...because
in essense, they were arguing the positions WITHIN the Socialist
Internatnional, not in their own respective social-democratic parties...in
other words the position OF the SI, not their own groups. This is a relevant
contridiction of Phillip's point, which I generally agree with. Polands
situation was interesting, certainly, as an oppressed nation vis-a-vis
Germany and Russia and an opporessor nation vis-a-vis Ukraine and Poland's
own Jewish population.

Lastly, was Luxembourg Polish? I thought she was Jewish. Was her first
language Yiddish? or German? or Polish? Most Poles, ironcically, probably
didn't consider her Polish, but Jewish, a distinct nationality within the
Polish state....

David Walters

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