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Mon Feb 5 19:23:40 MST 2001

At 06:07 PM 02/04/2001, Philip Ferguson wrote:
 >But the problem remains that language has to reflect reality *now*.

Of course.  We don't need silliness like speakers giving a talk in Irish to
an entirely English speaking audience and employing translators, as I
believe once happened at a SF Ard-Fheis.

 >>I say the Irish language is key to any meaningful form of Irish
 >>culture, past or present.
 >But how?  Irish culture these days isn't qualitatively different from
 >English, New Zealand, US, or for that matter any other culture.

Note I said "meaningful form of Irish culture".  The capitalist monoculture
is hardly what I'd consider meaningful Irish culture.  Thinking long term,
I would hope that a successful socialist revolution would also do away with
that monoculture.

 >Well, everything was taught in Irish schools in a ways to make kids
 >dislike it.

Well, true, but I think the way in which the Irish language was taught was
even worse than how other subjects were taught.  I know people who are
raising their children to speak Gaelic languages and their children respond
because the teaching methods being used are enjoyable.

 >But how would this be?

If a socialist revolution does away with the monoculture, what will replace
it?  Will there be any room for the Irish language then?

PS: is anyone else experiencing problems posting to the list?  It's taking
between 24-48 for my posts to show up.

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