Kuni Mirchandani kunim27 at
Mon Feb 5 19:33:11 MST 2001

Hello comrade
Very nice to meet you. My name is Kuni from the U.S. Living in this
capitalist country has lead me to see things in a diffrent sense, the
beliefs of americans are very diffrent to that of the rest of the world.
They are not as "individual" as they claim to be.
It has come to my attention that Carlos Castanyo is described as a lion let
loose. But besides that a highly evolving south american government is full
of possibility. The resources of Brazil are feared by americans, but they
first have to be relized. If it is a possibilty to turn the Government of
Brazil into a neo-marxist idiology. Then the resources could be used to
become a world political power and sow the seeds of world Marxism.
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