Dark Night: field notes - january 2001

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Mon Feb 5 20:54:31 MST 2001

I snipped the following from Dark Night, with an ulterior motive in a question below:

[snipped from an article about the anti-inaugural protest]

    Our signs are diverse:

US Troops Out of Korea!  US Navy out of Vieques!
Anti-Racist, Gay, Bi, Trans!  Hail to the Thief!
Stop Racist Plan Colombia!
New Trial for Mumia! Free Leonard Peltier!
Stop Exploiting Africa! Union Rights for Low Wage Workers!
Free Florida's Black Vote!
Ashcroft the Racist Sexist Pig! (Ashcroft's head on the body of a nice fat
Wanted for Murder! (Bush's picture on a wanted poster)
The People Have Spoken (All 5 of Them)!

Is this a good thing? I ask this because this type of diversity has been cropping up
a lot at the "Rebuilding The Left" meetings. I am very undecided on the matter, as a
matter of fact. Should every cause that we do not oppose then automatically be
endorsed? Is this unifying or dividing? Inclusive or tokenistic?


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