The REAL digital " converegence" ...

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Mon Feb 5 21:42:09 MST 2001

    The REAL digital convergence is between hackers and anti-globalization

    From "The [Industry] Standard,"  which touts itself as being
"Intelligence for the Internet Economy"  (you DO remember the "Internet"
economy, a.k.a. the " new" economy, right?  Not to be confused with the news
economy ... about which see the recent raft of stories about the purge, I
mean restructuring, at CNN... most heavily concentrated at, BTW)

    "ZURICH - Anti-globalization computer hackers have infiltrated the
computer systems of the World Economic Forum and stolen personal information
of most of the participants in the Forum's recent annual meeting in Davos,
Switzerland, the WEF has confirmed.

    "The hack was first reported on Sunday by the Swiss newspaper
SonntagsZeitung. The paper says it has received - anonymously, but clearly
from the Forum's opponents - a compact disc containing 161MB of data
apparently copied from the Forum's own Web server.

    "The disc is said to include a list of 27,000 names, some of which are
paired with data such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers; another list of
1,400 credit card numbers and names; and spreadsheets detailing the travel
schedules, hotel accomodations, session registrations and payments, and Web
site passwords for all the 3,200 participants in this year's meeting, which
took place from Jan. 25 to 30."

    The full article is at:,1151,21929,00.html?nl=mg

    And if I don't rip the whole thing and paste it into here, it's because
of the bandwidth issues for Louis and comrades in the third world.

    Yes, and the big topic at Davos this year was ... Napster. Or as
geekademics call it, p2p.

    Speakingof which ....

    People should check out the alternative Napster clients and
Nap-compatible (yes, Virginia, there is such a thing) networks. I'm trying
to learn HTML, and it sure is convenient to do things like being able to
download photoshop, golive, homesite and frontpage without all of this silly
commodity-festishist credit card nonsense.

    Rapigator works really nicely. There's also a new gnutella client (or
"gnutellum" as the clients have been officially baptized) that's introduced
some changed into the protocols to overcome gridlock in that file-sharing
system. Called Bear Share. One neat feature: if you don't share, the other
peers cut you off. Those familiar with Calderon de la Barca and
Fuenteovejuna, or Murder on the Orient Express, will recognize the principle


    If your reaction to this is "huh?", just go on to the next message, and
don't worry about it. They also serve who stand and wait.

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