Dark Night: field notes - january 2001

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I agree with the suggestion and implication made by Mac. It should be noted
that in the title Dark Night Field Notes all words and concepts are
operative; that is, they are notes from the "field" (not from some damn
"Indianists" sitting on their asses racking up knotches on the old CV or
some poverty pimps racking in coin showing their "concern" and "empathy" for
the poor exploited little Indians) and so DNFN reports on various struggles
that include various slogans; DNFN may or may not agree with various slogans
in terms of content or focus.

I often see the bumpersticker "Visualize Peace", usually on the car of some
individual who would be better off "Visualizing" the use of his turn signal
or "Visualizing" going faster than 40 miles-an-hour in the left lane of the
freeway, but hey, I wouldn't carry a sign saying that but whatever...

But I think Mac's point is well-taken and this is an important debate as
words and focus--and lack of words and lack of focus--have specific meaning
and implications when taken up in various struggles.

Jim Craven

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I snipped the following from Dark Night, with an ulterior motive in a
question below:

[snipped from an article about the anti-inaugural protest]

    Our signs are diverse:

US Troops Out of Korea!  US Navy out of Vieques!
Anti-Racist, Gay, Bi, Trans!  Hail to the Thief!
Stop Racist Plan Colombia!
New Trial for Mumia! Free Leonard Peltier!
Stop Exploiting Africa! Union Rights for Low Wage Workers!
Free Florida's Black Vote!
Ashcroft the Racist Sexist Pig! (Ashcroft's head on the body of a nice fat
Wanted for Murder! (Bush's picture on a wanted poster)
The People Have Spoken (All 5 of Them)!

Is this a good thing? I ask this because this type of diversity has been
cropping up
a lot at the "Rebuilding The Left" meetings. I am very undecided on the
matter, as a
matter of fact. Should every cause that we do not oppose then automatically
endorsed? Is this unifying or dividing? Inclusive or tokenistic?


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