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Tue Feb 6 13:57:48 MST 2001

En relación a greetings!,
el 2 Feb 01, a las 21:57, Mikhail Andronov dijo:

> Hello, fellow marxist/socialists!
> My name is Mikhail Andronov and i am a student at Tbilisi state university in
> the republic of Georgia
> AS a new member to this mailing list, I must admit I look forward to
> rewarding conversation and stimelating thoughts from you people!


> Mikhail Andronov
> fighting back!

I don't know cde. Andronov. But this signature is exactly what one should
expect from a Marxist in the fSU.

Happy to have him on list, and I hope to have a very stimulating exchange with

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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