Paramilitary Strategy in Venezuela.... and the 'Narco News'

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Tue Feb 6 15:35:07 MST 2001

Charles, I have to take anything that comes from Al Giordano and the
'Narco News Bulletin"' with a very thick grain of salt.     Anyone that
spends time on the 'Narco Times" site trying to figure out the web of
supposedly definitive reports on the by nature, clandestine and secret
world of drugs and trafficking, can come away with their head aspin.

It kind of is reminiscent of Lyndon Larouche's midset, where everything
was a giant, complex, and continually expanding, Rockerfeller plot.
Except, this time.... it is the 'narco state'.

PLUS, as far as self promotion, Al Giordano takes second fiddle to
nobody.    Not Morris Dees, Alexander Cockburn, nor Rush Limbaugh, for
that matter, really can be said to out do him in this aspect.

He's always got the exact TRUTH on the behind the scenes SHADOW that
haunts the world...... Narcotics!      Conspiracy anybody?      Come to
'Narco Times', and we'll spin a few tales.      Yesterday's conspiracy
marches forward into today's, which in turn forms just the platform to
go full circle into yet another conspiracy tomorrow.

His reporting style on the Mexican election plots, was to leap head
first into also sorts of rumor mongering and shadow casting.      He was
going to swim through this murk faster than any other competitor.
His view of Mexico under the PRI, was that it was a small sub-division
of 'Narco International'.

His coverage of the Paco Stanley (an important Mexican TV personality)
assassination in the middle of the election, really went overtime into
total spin.      The problem with it all, is that when huge quantities
of total conjecture are pronounced as being total truth, repetitively
and under the thinest of any hard evidence..... it all begins to march
off into mumbo jumbo and incoherence after a while.

Could it be, that Al Giordano and "Narco Times', themselves, are not
what they seem to be?       I would be curious to hear a few opinions
about this, from others on the list.

What do comrades think about the "Narco Times'?      What is Al
Giordano's background, previous to his launching of 'Narco Times' last

Tony Abdo

<And so, once again, Chávez has confounded and foiled his critics, and
launched the first project in South América to stop the paramilitary
menace in its tracks. Here are some translations of this past week's
stories from Latin América about the news from Simón Bolívar's

>From somewhere in a country called América,

Al Giordano
The Narco News Bulletin>

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