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Tue Feb 6 20:32:07 MST 2001

Hello All:

The letter below was sent to Pierre, the fellow taking the lead in
organizing Michael Parenti's visit to the Native Studies program here in
Fredericton.  Pierre joked it smelled a little "CIA-ish," but I'm thinking
he's closer than he knows.  Does anyone out there have a history with
"Transcendent23 at"

By the way, Parenti isn't talking on Yugoslavia in Fredericton.

Roland Chrisjohn


From: Transcendent23 at
To: pierre_loiselle at
Subject: Re: Michael Parenti: Ethical Profiteer
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 20:48:29 EST


I've noticed that Michael Parenti is scheduled to speak at your university
and having glanced through his book on Yugoslavia this morning, I hope
there will be people in the audience to question some of his bizarre
viewpoints about the "demonization" of Serbia.  It's a trite book, and the
examples smack of someone longing for attention through taking unpopular,
maverick views and posing them in such a way that questions the general
wisdom of  a majority viewpoint i.e. Parenti's anathema to the idea that
Milosevic played a poisonous role in the Yugoslav catastrophe and that a
vast majority of Serbs supported him to the degree that ethnic cleansing
became in vogue once again on the European continent.  He demonizes Croatia
with a shitload of historical information concerning WWII (excuse my
French!), while glossing over all negative behavior connected to Serbia,
and this is my biggest problem with this "political theorist."  There is
definitely room for good and evil among both of those groups, but with such
an agenda of whitewashing the implications of Milosevic and his brethren,
there is no doubt a behind the scenes agenda animates Parenti, and that
will haunt him wherever he turns up to lecture.  There are simply too many
victims whose pain and anguish have not yet receded, and the hubris of
Parenti is staggering.  In the name of human decency, please have
knowledgeable people at your forum question this man's staggering
statements regarding the "demonization" of Serbia.  Best would be some
intellectual, ethical Serbs who might question the premise of Parenti
defending the honor of Serbia in such a populist, simplistic way, raising
the old canards of Serbia defending itself.  Tell that to the conscripts
who didn't want to go off to Bosnia, Kosovo and Croatia at the behest of
the genocidal Milosevic couple.  The book fails utterly to attenuate the
light and shadow duality of all parties at fault in the destruction of
Yugoslavia, but one party, namely Milosevic, and by extension the Serbian
military, has the most amount of blood on his/its hands, and nothing
Parenti writes or says will change that situation.   I will notify a number
of groups out there that carefully monitor this type of revisionist, to be
aware of his touring, and let's hope that precise, ethical questions will
be posed to this sham, biased contrarian, claiming on his own website that
he is such a world authority !  Until this morning I had never heard of
him, and believe me, New York is fertile ground for every theory and idea
to be tested.  I haven't noticed this fellow daring to present his ideas at
any New York forum.  Fortunately (if genocide and fortunate should ever
dare come together), unlike genocides of decades ago, the disaster that
occured in Yugoslavia is so recent that it will only take a few intelligent
eyewitnesses, historians and political scientists to laugh this guy off the
world stage.  Let us hope at least.

Best regards,

An irate, concerned citizen of the world in New York City

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