Marxism and mathematics

Sam Pawlett rsp at
Tue Feb 6 23:48:44 MST 2001

Jim Farmelant wrote:
> I thought that the latter was written by the British biologist,
> Lancelot Hogben, who was a kind of unorthodox Marxist
> (he attempted to synthesize Marxism with Betrand Russell's
> empiricist philosophy and Watsonian behaviorism,
> while politically he was a strong anti-Stalinist who
> anticipated some of the themes of red-green politics).

You are probably right, Jim. Come to think of it, Vic Weisskopf was a
highly reputable physicist (MIT?) who wrote popular-type books and was
involved in popular adult education of the Brecht Forum type. I wonder
if he is any relation to Tom Weisskopf.


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