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Wed Feb 7 10:09:37 MST 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

I am new to the Marxist List (and new to email lists in general).  I go by the name of
"Comrade M" because I try my best to keep my internet identity as private as possible.
(Although, I am consistant in the use of this name for message boards,chat, etc!) If
you find this displeasing or inappropriate, please let me know.

I have been reading/studying revolution, socialism, communism, Marx, Trotsky, Lenin,
Mao, Castro and Che Gueverra for the past few years and I have decided to persue
communism as my political choice and (for the most part) a way of life.

I have just picked up my first copy of the Manifesto and started to give it a read.  I
am not new to Marx's ideas, just new to actually reading his writings.

I was always afraid that I would not be able to comprehend the complexity of his
publications, so I started off with Rius' "Marx for Beginners" and now feel prepared
to tackle the "Manifesto".

I have read some of your postings and I can see that this is an intelligent group, not
just a bunch of immature children pretending to be communists or revolutionaries while
they have never read a book on communism, don't know who CHarles Marx was, live with
mommy and daddy, wear Tommy Hilfiger and have never worked a job in their life.
(Sorry...a bit of bitterness, perhaps?)  I am not saying that you have to be a
suffering worker to be a communist or marxist.  (After all Marx and Engles didn't come
from the class of proletarians.)  I am just saying that I feel that we all need to be
educated and learned to be able to discuss the issues of the past and present with the
background neccessary.

Please excuse me if my intelligence is a little lacking.  I come here seeking
information and direction in my studies as well as intellectual stimulation. I will be
the first to admit that I am new and not as educated. My American education is
completely lacking in the areas of history and literature. (We watched "The Blue and
the Grey" as our study of the American Civil War!) Although, I do feel that I
understand the principles that Marx was communicating.  We shall see.

I vow to participate as much as possible and to treat each indivual here with the
utmost respect.

Yours truly,
Comrade M

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