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Hi Folks,


I got through to the AG's office to clarify what exactly we need to do to
make this complaint effective. They knew exactly what I was calling about,
as they've heard from quite a few folks already:) The staff member said,
the more numbers "the higher profile" the complaint, so please, please it's
important that everyone particpate!

THEY WANT THE COMPLAINT IN WRITING and there are several ways to do this

It can be done online at this form:

Or you can FAX 916-323-5341

or you can send hard copy: State of California Office of the Attorney
General Department of Justice P.O. Box 944255 Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

One of things that you must include in your complaint is the ADDRESS OF

The address you need to provide is for the Pacifica Foundation Financial
Office, which is an official addess used in tax filings and so on

Pacifica Foundation 3729 Cahuenga Blvd. West North Hollywood, CA 91604

In the area where you write out the nature of the complaint, some
significant points to make are:

++that Pacifica Foundation is a public benefit non-profit chartered in

++that litigation is in process, of which the AG is aware, regarding
financial malfeasance and violations of Pacifica's charter by the governing
body of Pacifica,

++that Pacifica's directors, the defendants, are attempting to remove
Pacifica's financial records out of the state,

++that you want him to seize the records immediately so that important
evidence does not disappear.


Below is the original call to action, for your reference in drafting your
message to the AG


Pacifica is planning to move its finance office to Washington, DC and this
must be stopped! It's urgent that we all contact California Attorney
General Bill Lockyer and tell him to seize the books of the Pacifica
Foundation immedately before important evidence is "lost" in the move.

One of the major aspects of the takeover of Pacifica has been financial
secrecy. In June 1999, the Finance Committee of the Pacifica Board voted,
contrary to law, to close all of its future meetings to the public. Minutes
of that meeting, which we were able to obtain can be read at

In February of 1999, Larry Bensky made a presentation at a Pacifica Board
meeting in Berkeley, CA that demonstrated that though Pacifica was taking
increased revenues from the stations, and that means the money that *you*
donated, it was not being spent to develop national programming, as was
claimed. Where did the money go, and where is it going now? The text of his
remarks and accompanying charts are at

Pacifica National has taken over the books of all the stations, placing all
funds under the direct control of the finance office which until two weeks
ago was headed by Pacifica Controller Sandra Rosas. By an interesting
coincidence, Ms. Rosas was terminated just as our lawsuits are in the
process of arranging to take her deposition, and financial records are
being subpoenaed by our lawyers. Sources inside Pacifica say that Rosas was
asked to name her own severance arrangements. Can you say "bought off?"

One thing is clear. Pacifica National has taken a lot of trouble to keep
its finances secret. What are they hiding?

The by-laws proposal submitted by John Murdock of Epstein, Becker and Green
begins with a provision that would change Pacifica's "principal" office to
Washington, DC. Many see this as an effort to evade California law, and to
evade the legal power of the California Attorney General stop Pacifica's
misuse of donor funds.

The Pacifica Foundation is chartered in the state of California as a public
benefit non-profit corporation. That is why the Attorney General and the
state legislature took a very real interest in the struggle following the
crackdown at KPFA in 1999. The Joint Legislative Audit Committee held a
hearing and later issued a report detailing extensive malfeasance on the
part of Pacifica management. The AG reviewed the Listeners' Lawsuit (aka
the Spooner Lawsuit) and granted his permission to proceed (a legally
required step).

Mr. Lockyear needs to hear from us now, especially from Californians, that
he must seize Pacifica's books before important evidence disappears,
evidence that might even document actual criminal wrongdoing! It must not
be "lost" before these issues can go to trial.

Lyn Gerry

Louis Proyect
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