Differences in ELN and FARC- a disadvantage?

soil_ride soilride at SPAMemail.msn.com
Wed Feb 7 17:10:10 MST 2001

I was talking to my comrade friend the other day about the differences
between the FARC-EP and the ELN guerrillas in Colombia.  I asked the
question as to why, in a revolution, they are not united as a single unit?

The FARC-EP and the ELN have both historic and ideological differences, is
the difference so vast that they can not be united?  As I was told, although
it would be great to have them together and not as separated, that in
practice it tends to be difficult.

I can only note the differences that have effected the struggles of both
revolutionary vanguards in their own struggles.  Yet can such differences
actually become a disadvantage to both groups and to their revolutionary
struggle?  Despite their differences, wouldn't it be better if the main
objectives of both groups be obtained together?

Of course everyone wants the Dirty War to end, and hope for peace to finally
settle...The situation in Colombia, I have found, is scrutinizingly

In solidarity

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