China's Left E-Journal Blocked in China

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Saul, could you please forward this to the marxism list. China & the World
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was once endorsed by Henry as a fine e-journal...


Subject: China's Left E-Journal Blocked in China

I've been informed by a good source at the left wing E-journal  China and
the World ( that their website has been blocked from
Chinese viewers for over a week now. The Web page had been putting out
some very valuable and interesting discussions and updates of SOE factory
worker protests in Zhenzhou City, Henan Province. It also has had a series
of articles and discussions of the recent rendition of a play based on the
life of Che Guevara, that was plainly critical of the corruption that has
accompanied this era of increasing privatization and plunder of state
owned enterprises in China.

On a bright note, such efforts to block are not likely to be
effective. You'd be amazed at all the different techniques people in China
have come up with to circumvent gov't blockages of web pages.


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