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Thu Feb 8 07:40:19 MST 2001

Hi Lou:

Please post.

My apologies to Tony, MacDonald, Nestor, Lou and anyone else who reads my
posts about Colombia for being offline at a crucial moment in the war and
peace process here.

I will write something more detailed soon, probably in the form of a reply
to Tony.

Meanwhile, Tirofijo and Pastrana (commonly called Patraña around here) are
going to meet tommorrow. The outcome of the meeting will determine the
direction fo events. All bets here are on the continuance of hte peace
process through some form of prisoner exchange. I am more cautious than the
popular opinion, and think an escalation is certainly possible as soon as

Last Friday we had a 30 minute hail storm and the maid's quarters in my
apartment - which serves as my little office - was flooded. The monitor of
my computer was soaked, and still does not work - and may never work.
Luckily I was able to borrow a monitor, so am back online, and able to work

A word to Nestor. My views on Latin American unity come from my experience
as a Morenoist. Maybe you have more in common with them than you think.

My best to everyone, Anthony

Louis Proyect
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