Marc Cooper or Jerry Springer

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[Marc Cooper is an editor with Doug Henwood over at the Nation Magazine.
Cooper, who has a show on Pacifica's Los Angeles station, has been
agitating for years on behalf of the Pacifica board. Meanwhile, his fellow
editor Doug Henwood, who has a similar show in NYC, takes the position on
Pacifica that the protesters remind him of 1960s losers but has not spoken
to the broader issues. I do know for a fact that he does not listen to any
WBAI radio shows, but finds FM alternative rock more to his taste.]

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Marc Cooper or Jerry Springer?

2-2-2001 Brentwood, CA

Jerry Springer Show or Marc Cooper promoting "Pinochet and Me" at Dutton

Marc Cooper appeared at Duttons Books in Brentwood California last
Wednesday evening for a scheduled "reading" from his book "Pinochet & Me".
The event was held in a room filled with bookcases. Two short benches to
accommodate a small number of those who attended were placed near the area
where Marc Cooper was stationed. Two burley men, one with a US Marine Corps
sweatshirt and cap took up most of the room on one of the benches. The rest
of us stood in the aisles between bookcases and around the perimeter of the

The event attracted many individuals who view Marc Cooper as someone who
has collaborated with the Pacifica Board and censored discussion of the
crisis at Pacifica. Cooper allies Mark Schubb and Joe Dominick were there
as well.

Just as discussion of the very serious issues facing Pacifica is not
permitted on KPFK, it was not permitted at Dutton Books. If listeners pose
questions during call-in shows they are rudely cut off & dismissed. The
same sort of things happens at Cooper's bookstore appearances. Last night
was no exception. When Democracy Now! producer Karen Pomer tried to ask
Cooper about mistreatment and harassment of Amy Goodman, Pomer was
interrupted repeatedly. When she insisted on asking her question the burley
man wearing the USMC cap & sweatshirt threatened her verbally. When she
continued he got up, lunged at her and grabbed her by the lapels of her
jacket. The woman who worked for the bookstore and was hosting the event,
stood by and refused to call the police.

This seemed like a page right out of Tom Delay's (or John Murdock's)
playbook: "Marginalize dissenters. Try to make them look emotional and
foolish for asking important questions." Were the burley men hired to
attend and disrupt the proceedings if it appeared that the current regime
at KPFK were challenged?

As folks were leaving, I encountered [KPFK programmer] Joe Dominick and
asked him whether he would report on the event for his listeners. He
indicated that nothing newsworthy had occurred. I asked if he thought that
his listener's might wish to hear about proposed Pacifica Foundation bylaws
changes that would allow the board to sell one or more of the network
stations, he waved his hand dismissively and walked away...No comment from
yet another KPFK show host.

myla reson

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