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Thu Feb 8 15:54:48 MST 2001

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> Subject: Marc Cooper or Jerry Springer
> Date: Thursday, February 08, 2001 3:56 PM
> [Marc Cooper is an editor with Doug Henwood over at the Nation Magazine.
> Cooper, who has a show on Pacifica's Los Angeles station, has been
> agitating for years on behalf of the Pacifica board. Meanwhile, his
> editor Doug Henwood, who has a similar show in NYC, takes the position on
> Pacifica that the protesters remind him of 1960s losers but has not
> to the broader issues. I do know for a fact that he does not listen to
> WBAI radio shows, but finds FM alternative rock more to his taste.]

Calling the protesters 1960s losers? Probably, he does not want to risk his
talk show on WBAI :-)


> Louis Proyect
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