Anyone else being "joined" to this racist, anti-semetic outfit?

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What is the list?

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Subject: Anyone else being "joined" to this racist, anti-semetic outfit?

I just received this in my mail, and needless to say I'm removing myself
from it. Any
ideas what this is, and who is behind it? It links to a series of holocaust
and goes to "Aryan Power" type rebuttals of the Holocaust. Gross. I doubt it
is even
really run by Arabs, but rather is a Nazi outfit posing as Arab to spread
the filth
about WWII.

Like Finkelstein says, the deniers need the Holocaust, and vice-versa.
Here's the
mail I received....

Welcome to the resistance1 group and mailing list at eGroups, a
free, easy-to-use email group service.  Please
take a moment to review this message.
Inpendent organization aims specially to spread the truth of Zionist
atrocities, the
racism of Judaism and the Jewsih blasphemy in Old testament-Talmud, the
Holocaust which never happened and the Protocols of Zion. Resistance
generally is
against the Racism, Imperialism, Opression, Torture and Injustice Our main
goal :
getting our freedom... ending Israeli massacres..
Our hope : Free all Palestine from the river to the sea... Free Golan in
Free Shabaa in Lebanon... Free all our occupied lands.
Resistance is mainly an Islamic Organization.

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