The Montesinos' Tapes

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Thu Feb 8 16:53:03 MST 2001

> Already they have damaged several of the candidates for the 8 April
> elections to replace Fujimori, who was forced to resign and flee the
> country in November over corruption allegations.
> Fujimori is now in exile in Japan. Montesinos has simply disappeared,
> last heard of having plastic surgery to alter his appearance at a
> private clinic in Venezuela.
> While the absent figures of Fujimori and Montesinos loom large over the
> scandal, attention has turned from the fugitives to the luminaries they
> implicated in their corruption.

Yet another embarassing leadership that Imperialism gets rid of in order to clean up
their image in Peru, but more importantly abroad. Another whitewashing of the whole
system of Imperialism and in its place attaching some kind of boogey man blame to
some pliable clients in their service initially.

I'm waiting for the Peruvian Corazon Aquino to emerge out of this mess. Gee, do you
think, possibly as a measure of good will, that the leadership of the PCP will be
released? Yeah, right. In the end, isn't that what made Fujimori useful and also
(seeing as the project of crushing them is complete in any relevant fashion) made his
reign less fashionable now?

I swear, when it comes to how to manifest the perpetuation of "legitimacy" in the
eyes of the world, Joe Goebbels, wherever he may watch these events, is saying:
"That's how it's done!".

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