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Hi Lou:

A note to Nestor:

I would be very interested in reading your comments on Morenoism at greater
length, and would in fact very much like it if you would write something
descriptive of the current spectrum of the left in argentina, and/or even
better - its history.

I have never gotten around to finishing a piece on Moreno and Morenoism,
partly because trying to write it led me to conclude that I did not know
enough about the current's history in Argentina - and did not, and do not,
have the sources available to me.

I have searched the web, and what I have found are either fragmentary
polemics (by or against Moreno and his followers). On my recent visit tot
he USA I collected a bunch of old documents, which I will use, but it will
take me some time to get around to them.

My conection with that current began in 1983, and ended in 1990.

What I liked about that current was its politics towards the Nicaraguan
revolution, its efforts to build an international current, and Moreno's
polemics with Mandel and Lambert.

I also liked their basic tactical atitude in struggles which was completely
different than the sectarians I was used to - they always fought to win
whatever struggle was under way - whether it was a strike for higher wages,
or a student movement to build a new campus hospital.

With that in mind, Moreno spent a lot of time writing about tactical
combinations - how to work in organizations led by others, how to work with
other political currents, etc.

Moreno's ideas about party building were centered on the idea that a
revolutionary party must be in the struggle, and of the struggle before it
could hope to lead a struggle.

On this list, and with you especially, I have been careful to defend
Morenoism - because I learned a lot while in that current - and because at
the time - the 1980's, I felt that that current was the healthiest thing
going in world politics.

Having said this, I will also tell you that I was always critical of that
current - from before I actually met any member of it - until the day I
parted company with them.

When I get around to writing my piece, I will not simply eulogize them, I
will try to present my own critique of that current.

Thank you for the kind words incidentally. I think that a lot of very
valuable people were members of the Moreno current in the 1980's, and in
many countries, maybe I am just one of them, and maybe not the best of the

All the best, Anthony

Louis Proyect
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