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Hi Lou:

Brief reply to Nestor on Colombia and Argentina.

You are probably correct that few Colombians are emigrating to Argentina.
My list of prefered destinations was based on my own convrsations with
people, and a poll conducted by El Tiempo which asked where people would
like to go.

Other articles in the press here, and statistics I have read in the US
press, indicate most Colombians who leave this country go to the United
States. The two big concentrations of Colombians in the United States are
1) Florida. 2) The New York City area - including Connecticut and New
Jersey. There are, according to el Tiempo, now 2 million Colombians living
in the USA. In 1990 there were only 1 million.

The three other destinations where many Colombians really emigrate to, are
Canada, Spain, and Costa Rica - all of which had less restrictive entrance
requirements than the US. I say had, because currently there is a
controversy in Spain over the illegal Colombian immigrants living there.

Many, many Colombians live in Venezuela,and Ecuador too. But who is a
Colombian living in Venezuela or Ecuador, and who is a Venezuelan or
Ecuadoran with cousins in Colombia is pretty hard to sort out - since the
borders in most places still are very pourous. Although that is changing
rapidly due to the war here - and economic conflicts between the three
countries (all accuse each other of 'dumping' various products.)

Argentina probably just appears on the wish list since it has the
reputation here of being a nice place to live.


Louis Proyect
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