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Fri Feb 9 08:52:36 MST 2001

> Lou wrote:
> > Meanwhile, his fellow editor Doug Henwood, who has a similar show in
> > NYC, takes the position on Pacifica that the protesters remind him of
> > 1960s losers but has not spoken to the broader issues.
> Mine wrote:
> > Calling the protesters 1960s losers? Probably, he does not want to risk
> > his talk show on WBAI
> Will the both of you quit savaging this particular dead dog? You obviously
> don't get along with Doug. Fine. Please leave the rest of us out of your
> really tiresome private flame-quarrels about who serves better bagels at
> the 21st century Radical Cafe. Our real enemies sit in Wall Street and IMF
> offices, not Pacifica studios.
> -- Dennis

I do not agree with Dennis so often, but this time I do!

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