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Actually, I am surprised by the reactions from Dennis and Johannes. It
seems they are not following the Pacifica *take over* in NYC closely. The
issue has nothing to do with a personal clash with anyone else. This being
the case, we will oppose people who are ridiculing the protestors by
calling them *1960s losers*. Such an unfortunate designation is an attack
on civil rights movements in general. It is more uncomradely if such a
characterization comes from a well known public journalist who is running a
program in the same organization as well. Leaving aside this for a moment,
anyone claiming to be a Marxist should oppose the firing of  Pacifica
reporters against the board members close to the Clinton administration and
the left liberal consensus trying to depoliticize the mission of PACIFICA

If I were in NYC at the time, I would join the protestors as a loser!
Actually, Lou were there to my knowledge Are you a loser Lou?


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