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el 9 Feb 01, a las 9:07, Louis Proyect dijo:

> Hi Lou:
> A note to Nestor:
> I would be very interested in reading your comments on Morenoism at greater
> length, and would in fact very much like it if you would write something
> descriptive of the current spectrum of the left in argentina, and/or even better
> - its history.

This is an old project of mine, since Louis Pr started this list. But in order
to complete it, I am forced to explain the whole history of the country and in
particular the meaning of immigration and its impact on our political culture
and the Left (Morenoism is, in fact, a classical example of the results of our
ill-assimilated immigration process and the resulting class structure).

However, I have not been able to add to the first postings (they date back to
1998 and 1999, I think), which gave a broad idea of the history of Argentina up
to the late 1800s, and thus ended exactly at the point where our "Left" began
to exist. I will try to return to the project soon.

In the meanwhile, I beg your patience and pardon.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at

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