IRSP: Nationalist community should resist political witch hunt

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8 February 2001

"Nationalist community should resist political witch hunt" - IRSP

The IRSP in Belfast have called for an end to the climate of the witch hunt
in West Belfast. This follows the assault on Anthony McIntyre near his West
Belfast home on Wednesday. Belfast IRSP representative Paul Little said:
"There is no suggestion that this was an organised attack on Anthony,
however recent newspaper reports that suggest that the republican writers
group are the sole organisers of the Voice of the Lark discussion forum,
which held a successful debate recently in Conway Mill on the legacy of the
hunger strike is misleading and has allowed for the attempted
marginalisation of republican individuals such as Anthony who do not agree
with Sinn Fein's interpretation of events.

"The Voice of the Lark discussion forum is a broad based committee made up
of the IRSP, 32 County Sovereignty Committee, the Republican Writers Group
and other individuals and former republican POW's. The Voice of the Lark
discussion forum sought and received sponsorship for this project from
Peggy O'Hara and Tony O'Hara, mother and brother of Patsy O'Hara; Michael
and Louise Devine, children of Michael Devine; as well as prominent H Block
activists Eamonn McCann, Bernadette McAliskey as well as Sandy Boyer.
Representatives of Sinn Fein were invited to the debate but chose not to
reply or attend. That of course is a decision for themselves but they can
hardly start objecting when their perspective is challenged."

In conclusion the IRSP representative said: "Freedom of speech is a right,
it was often denied to Irish republicans by the British, it is sad to see
the politics of revisionism and denial employing such undemocratic methods
to attempt to silence those of us who do not adhere to Sinn Fein's view of
events surrounding the Hunger strikes. Sinn Fein should use all of its
influence to see that the demonisation and marginalisation of republicans
such as Anthony McIntyre and his partner are not the victims of a political
witch hunt. Finally, we commend those residents of Springhill who, on
witnessing the attack, endeavoured to bring it to an end.


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