REsponding to Said was Re: Where will Sharon take Israel?

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sat Feb 10 06:20:17 MST 2001

I hesitate, not unnaturally,  before responding to Said on Palestine,
especially in a critical way.  However it seems to me that this particular
article neglects the fact that the choice of Sharon suggests a factoring in
of the greatest ally the Israelis have, namely the Arab ruling class.

for example if war were to break out tomorrow the very first thing that the
Saudi Arabians would do would be to round up the Palestinians in their
territory.  They did it before and they would do it again.  Arafat knows
this but he continues to talk to the Saudi Arabian ruling class as if they
supported the liberation of Palestine. What holds true for Saudi Arabia
holds true for the rest of the rulers in the Arab world.

Sharon should have been an unacceptable choice but the process of
collaboration that the Arab rulers have set in place means that he can be
touted as someone who "wants peace".  It is only the brave and heroic
Palestinians who can make him unacceptable, and that they will do.



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