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Pole Mic wrote:

> --   xtianity gained popularity amongst the slave populations of rome and is the

This commonplace, accepted even by engels & kautsky (while
he was still marxist) if I remember correctly, is probably not
empirically accurate. See in particular all the comments on the
question in

g.e.m de ste. croix, _the class sruggle in the ancient greek world_
>From the beginning (see esp. Acts, the gospels, & the pauline
epistles) christianity defended the secular rights of slave owners
and in fact appealed more to slave owners than to slaves. I am
a great admirer of guthrie but his song on jesus was simply
unfortunate -- the core of jesus's politics & secular morality
was render unto caesar the things that are caesar's. constatine
was no fool. in hoc signo vinces indeed

i would develop this more carefully were i not operating
with a broken right wrist. hunt & peck with the left hand
does not contribute to fluency.

no i am not catholic. i've been atheist since around the
age of 10 -- tho i was 15 when i realized that.


> favored religion of the least of us.  this goes beyond mere 'liberal accounts' and
>gives address on a widespread and plainly viewable phenomenon.  you must have some
>catholicism in you.
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