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--   xtianity gained popularity amongst the slave populations of rome
--   and is the

-This commonplace, accepted even by engels & kautsky (while
-he was still marxist) if I remember correctly, is probably not
-empirically accurate.
-See in particular all the comments on the question in
-g.e.m de ste. croix, _the class sruggle in the ancient greek world_
-From the beginning (see esp. Acts, the gospels, & the pauline
-epistles) christianity defended the secular rights of slave owners
-and in fact appealed more to slave owners than to slaves.

see, that's precisely why i'd like to find exactly where it is that nietzsche
addressed the xtianity and slavery issues together.  context.  either way, xtianity
was entirely too chummy with slavery in that time period.  even today, that whole
'turn the other cheek' load of bullshit perpetuates and ameliorates the doormat
mentality, rather than instilling a motivation for proper change and improvement.

-i would develop this more carefully were i not operating
-with a broken right wrist. hunt & peck with the left hand
-does not contribute to fluency.

bummer.  to be continued at a later date, perhaps?  when does the cast come off?  i'd
ask what happened, but that part has probably been told until it's worn out.


           Verily, I have often laughed at the weaklings who thought
           themselves good because they had no claws.

                       -- Thus Spake Zarathustra
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