Nietzsche, was Re: Marc Cooper or Jerry Springer

Brian James hillbily at
Sun Feb 11 15:01:06 MST 2001

>that's precisely why i'd like to find exactly where
>it is that nietzsche addressed the xtianity and slavery issues together.

The Genealogy of Morals is probably the best place to look, where
Nietzsche develops the argument that Christianity is a "slave revolt in
morals." I don't have a copy on hand so I can't be more specific.

Remember that Nietzsche was not making his claim in a purely historical
sense. His view is that Christianity is a "slave morality" whether it
originated with slaves or not. However, the historical evidence that
Christianity was largely propagated by the upper classes (Michael
Parenti's book History as Mystery has an excellent chapter on this)
gives support to his claim that it somehow corrupted the old elitist
values he defends.

Brian James

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