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<< On Sat, 10 Feb 2001, Stewart Sinclair wrote:

 > greatest failures of the left in this period.  The Serbs' only crime is
 > opposition to Imperialism now and in 1941.

 The Slovenes, Croats and Bosnians would beg to differ.

 -- Dennis

Dear Dennis,

In fact, the Bosnian Serbs were allied with the forces backing Abdic, the
Muslim leader who had won the 1990 elections but was  forced out by the
Islamist Mr. Izetbegovic.  It is a falsehood spread by Western media that the
Bosnian conflict involved Serbs on one side and Muslims on the other.  In
fact, the fascist Croatian and Bosnian Islamists sometimes fought each other
and mostly fought the Yugoslav loyalist forces - Serbian and Muslim.  For the
Islamists, the secular-oriented, pro-Yugoslav Muslims were worse than Serbs -
they were viewed as traitors.

Some of lies about the Bosnian Serbs are exposed in irrefutable detail in the
Emperor's Clothes movie "JUDGMENT" which you can read about at

Best regards,
Jared Israel

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