BICO and Phillip Ferguson

Martin Spellman mspellman at
Mon Feb 12 05:19:43 MST 2001

> The BICO Stalinists were really a Belfast phenomenon, which took up
> residence in London. These days they call themselves the Aneurin Bevan
> Society in Britain, which is pretty weird, and have a web-site under that
> name.

A common confusion. It is the 'Ernest Bevin Society', which makes it even
wierder. Bevan (1897-1960) was the Welsh left-winger, associated with
Tribune, who was Health Secretary when the NHS was set up. Later supported
nuclear weapons.

Bevin (1881-1951) was the right-wing General Secretary of the Transport and
General Workers Union (TGWU) who was Foreign Secretary in the 1945 Labour

Martin Spellman
(nothing to do with BICO or the Ernest Bevin Society)

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