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Easton, Loyd David.
 Title:          Hegel's first American followers: the Ohio Hegelians: John B.
                   Stallo, Peter Kaufmann, Moncure Conway, and August Willich,
                   with key writings. <By> Loyd D. Easton.

 Description:    ix, 353 p. 22 cm.
 Published:      <Athens> Ohio University Press, 1966.

 LC Subjects:    Stallo, J. B. (John Bernhard), 1823-1900.
                 Kaufmann, Peter, 1800-1869.
                 Conway, Moncure Daniel, 1832-1907.
                 Willich, August, 1810-1878.
                 Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, 1770-1831--Influence.

>I am a subscriber to your list. I am interested in finding out more
>about an early marxist called August von Willich. He was a Prussian,
>born in 1810, and a captain in the Prussian army who resigned from the
>army in 1846 and took part in the 1848 revolution. He then went to the
>US where he was a notably effective Union officer in the Civil War. He
>subsequently studied under Marx in Berlin and then returned to Ohio
>where he died in 1878.
>Anyone know of a good book or available article (in English) on this
>Ian Willmore
>Media Co-ordinator
>Friends of the Earth
>26-28 Underwood Street
>London N1 7JQ

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