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Mon Feb 12 14:13:18 MST 2001

>But with BICO, I think something else is at work.  After all, they went
>from being critically supportive of republicanism to being so viruelntly
>hostile that they became pro-imperialists.  Bill Warren's book on
>imperialism very much represented their evolution on that score.

As comrades should know by now, I hate the line of reasoning found in the
late Bill Warren's book with a passion. Just imagine if Bill Warren was
still alive today and--like some people--subbed to 25 different leftwing
mailing lists pushing his line that imperialism has a silver lining. It
would drive me to utter distraction. In any case, one of the best answers
to Warren found anywhere appeared in a 1974 New Left Review article
co-authored by James Petras, Philip McMichael and Robert Rhodes. The title
is "Imperialism and the Contradictions of Development". Just by
coincidence, while going through my desk drawers today at work and throwing
out old diskettes for OS2, etc., I stumbled across a copy of the article.
Anybody who's interested in getting it mailed to them (too long to scan),
contact me offlist.

Louis Proyect
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