August Willich

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Mon Feb 12 14:21:21 MST 2001

> I am interested in finding out more
>about an early marxist called August von Willich. He was a Prussian,
>born in 1810, and a captain in the Prussian army who resigned from the
>army in 1846 and took part in the 1848 revolution. He then went to the
>US where he was a notably effective Union officer in the Civil War. He
>subsequently studied under Marx in Berlin and then returned to Ohio
>where he died in 1878.

You'll find quite a bit of mention of Willich in
Bruce Levine, 'The Spirit of 1848: German immigrants, labor conflict and
the coming of the civil war', Chicago, University of Illinois Press, 1992.

There are also loads of mentions of him in
Carl F. Wittke, 'Refugees of Revolution: the German forty-eighters in
America', Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 1952.

Levine is a fine Marxist scholar of the American working class movement
(and an ex-comrade of Louis Proyect's), I'm not sure about who Wittke is,
but you'll find plenty of metnions of Willich in the index of his book.

Philip Ferguson

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