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Mon Feb 12 18:50:55 MST 2001

Brian Cahill wrote:

>This is from a pamphlet by Clifford, written in response to pro-British
>criticisms of the film "Michael Collins". The pamphlet is long, spirited,
>rambling, entertaining, occasionally vicious and totally devoid of class
>analysis. I include slightly more than is strictly necessary, because the
>sheer bitterness of the man amuses me. There's a good one liner somewhere
>else in the pamphlet about PrionsÌas de Rossa gaelicising his name while he
>anglicised his spirit.

Well, a friend of mine remembers Frankie Ross, as he originally was,
turning up at her house around 1970.  He was armed and menacing, and
looking for weapons.

Funny, indeed, how he gaelicised his name and imperialist-ised his politics
and became a kind of sharp-suit-wearing yuppie as leader of the Workers
Party.  (For those on the list not familiar with the trajectory, the
Republican Movement split in 1969-70 between 'Officials' and
'Provisionals'.  The Officials went on to become the Workers Party, which
formally no longe rhad an armed wing, but in reality did, in the form of a
gangster 'Official IRA' which ran protection rackets in the north and
south, and laundered and forged money.  As the WP went Eurocommunist in the
late 70s/.early 80s and began recruiting yuppies, the 'non-existent'
military wing and their previous policy documents calling for the overthrow
of the state and the dictatorship of the proletariat became rather
embarrassing.  Frankie Ross, now Prionsias de Rossa, led the
respectabilising element out of the WP and establushed Democratic Left,
which a few years back fused with the LP.)

Eoghan Harris made the easy transition from WP 'intellectual' to Fine Gael
media adviser.  I recall Harris, who was part of the management at RTE the
osuthern broadcasting system) crossing picket lnes and trying to get
lefties sacked, especially if they were suspected of republican
politics/sympathies.  Thus his 'Hush Puppy Provo' remarks, when he tried to
stir up a McCarthyite witch hunt against any radio and TV journalists
suspected of republican sympathies.  Shortly after this, he turned up
working for Fine Gael, the historically most pro-imperilaist party in the

And whatever happened to those other odious yuppie TDs for the Workers
Party, then DL, in Dublin - Pat McCartan (the rich lawyer) and Liz McManus
(the snooty yuppie journo from Wicklow)?

Philip Ferguson

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