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Mon Feb 12 19:06:08 MST 2001

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[snip the despicable Eoghan Harris, talking about him for too long turns my

> And whatever happened to those other odious yuppie TDs for the Workers
> Party, then DL, in Dublin - Pat McCartan (the rich lawyer)

I believe he's still a rich lawyer, although he may now be a judge.

> and Liz McManus
> (the snooty yuppie journo from Wicklow)?

Pay attention. I answered this one in the last post. She's a Labour Party
TD and is mockingly referred to as Lady Wicklow.

I've just remembered the other WP - DL TD - Des Geraghty.

Geraghty is now bureaucrat in chief in SIPTU, the largest trade union in
the country. He spends his time preventing workers from striking and trying
to force them into partnership deals. The others are merely irritating.
Geraghty is a real problem.

Is mise le meas,
Brian Cahill

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