Fox's popularity and the pledge to halt corruption

Kuni Mirchandani kunim27 at
Mon Feb 12 19:18:33 MST 2001

Very simple scenario, which can be chronicled throughout history. As Fox
covers his attempt to gain American capitalists by imrpessing the U.S
government. He gets one thing done, as mentioned earlier, the propaganda
distributed to the American people will turn in favor towards a "new"
Mexico. But I see one factor to come out, American Capitalists will not
treat his nation equally they will exploit it. He underestimates what power
they have in the U.S and on world affairs. Mexico has stayed, virtually,
unused by capitalists. The large, poor, labor force will be eager to work in
whatever they can. And when unemployment goes down Fox will take the credit,
only that the cost of living will go up. And revolution is likely to happen.
That of course is only one scenario.
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