Deregulation: part 1

Jon Flanders Jon_Flanders at
Mon Feb 12 22:42:19 MST 2001

<<Later on Ted Kennedy would follow the example of his father by using his
senatorial powers to deregulate  transportation. In either case--regulation
or deregulation--a particular> ruling class family would find itself looking
after the interests of the  class as a whole.>>

The Kennedy's were looking after their interests
in pushing their crusade against the Teamsters union
and their subsequent involvement in deregulation of transportation.

As owners of the Chicago Merchandise Mart, a huge wholesaling operation, they
had a definite stake in lowering transportation costs by truck.
Indeed, a Kennedy still heads this operation, despite the family's sale of
the  business in the late 1990's. Of course lowering trucking costs would
benefit many other business owners, but it would also hurt the barons of
competing transportation interests.

So it is with the power utilities. They seek to use their market power to
shake down other capitalist sectors. From these will come retaliation in the
political field. They will attempt to line up the working class behind their
market-based solutions to the crisis.

What is interesting about the California situation the hopelessness of
finding some sort of "reregulation." I assume you will address this

Jon Flanders

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