Contra Nietzsche (and Darwin)

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Tue Feb 13 00:00:22 MST 2001

sorry, i thought i sent this yesterday, but reading the list today, i didn't see it.
Brian James' post was highly relevant i thought, reading it was prompted the search
for my own, due to the .sig i had placed on it.

John Landon:
-But his Zarathustra is nauseating and bogus. Forget it.

i would agree it's a difficult read, more story than treatise unless read very
carefully. i've heard that _beyond good and evil_ isn't quite as circuitous, lays out
what neitzsche was on about in a more straightforward manner, but i haven't
disciplined myself to sit down with it yet.


   God is dead: but considering the state Man is in, there will perhaps
   be caves, for ages yet, in which his shadow will be shown

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