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Tue Feb 13 07:13:21 MST 2001

At 03:10 PM 2/13/01 +0800, you wrote:
>sorry, i thought i sent this yesterday, but reading the list today, i
didn't see it.  Brian James' post was highly relevant i thought, reading it
was prompted the search for my own, due to the .sig i had placed on it.

We have run into some kind of problem recently with messages being sent to
the list, but not getting posted. As a step in tracking this down, would
comrades kindly keep an informal record of such incidents and inform Les
Schaffer when it happens. He is trying to track down the problem. Also, let
him know if there is an extraordinary delay between a message being sent
and its appearance. In those instances, it is important to take note of the
header information which can be revealed through a "show headers"
instruction in your email program.

Louis Proyect
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