Deregulation: part 1

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el 12 Feb 01, a las 21:05, Louis Proyect dijo:

> ... when the rolling blackouts began in California this winter
> leaving millions of people without electricity ... has triggered a
> lot of discussion, with rightwingers arguing that the problem is that the
> deregulation did not go far enough and liberals calling for a return to control
> of the utilities and the power companies that supply them.

Ah, yes, the all too usual scenario. In the Third World, this implies further
deregulation, because what counts is the balance of political forces. The basic
IMF discourse, once the results of their policies become apparent, is that
reforms have still to be completed before the benefits can be reaped. And the
World Bank, after that, comes to the rescue of those who have not fallen down
from the coach but are dangling against the tracks. What the WB generally
achieves is a further epidemics of people falling down.

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