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>   Hi,
> does anyone know of a woman author who has written on Lenin, his life or
>thought (preferably from a not completely hostile perspective), in the last
>couple of decades?
> Thanks
> Sebastian Budgen
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Most of these folks are cursed with being French and Tamara Deutscher does
not exactly qualify as being within the last couple of decades. Whatsa
matter? Did Henwood's jibe about the Lenin conference being male-dominated
get under your skin? Don't worry about that. He'll find any excuse to bash
people defending Lenin's legacy, even if they write impenetrable mandarin

Tamara Deutscher, Not by politics alone : the other Lenin

Esther Kingston-Mann,. Lenin and the problem of Marxist peasant revolution

Helene Carrere d'Encausse, Lenine

Carmen Claudin-Urondo, Lenine et la revolution culturelle

Chantal de Crisenoy, Lenine face aux moujiks

Dominique Colas, Le leninisme : philosophie et sociologie politiques du

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