The Relevance of the Western Left

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at
Tue Feb 13 11:57:03 MST 2001

Louis is correct.  This post was written in the context of a flame war waged
against me by Henwood and others on SR, that started with Henwood claiming
NAFTA is good for US workers and ended with the usual Henwood's attack on Third
World dictator who oppose IMF, the same dictators that were the darlings of the
CIS during the Cold War.


Louis Proyect wrote:

> Henry:
> >yet from any bourgeois economists lists).  On this list, several people
> >have openly called for my expulsion last year because my views on
> >unionism are not welcome on this "moderate" list.
> Henry is of course referring to the Socialist Register mailing list. The
> last people referring to marxism at as "moderate" were seen in
> orbit around the planet Uranus.
> Louis Proyect
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